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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  January 18, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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3 prince george's county police need your help finding the man who robbed this armored tru. truck.take a look at this happened about 8
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o'clock, monday morning at the walmart on crain closely... it happene really quicklya man walks up... grabs money from the guard... then takes off.anyone with information is asked to call police. and baltimore city police want you to take a close look at these guys.on january 6th... they drove up to the loading dock at sinai hospital...and ástoleá a large piece of medical equipment... worth 37-thousand dollars.a surveillance camera was able to take great pictures of the suspects.anyone with information is asked to call police. a gruesome discovery in north baltimore.officers responded to argonne drive just after 9 monday night... where they found a man's can see crime tape marks off the scene of the home where it was found. police say they received a call saying there was a puddle of blood in the living room. police say there are no signs of foul play, but homicide detectives are investigating. a carroll county firefighter is listed in serious condition
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this morning... after he was hurt on the job, helping victims in an accident. accident.kyle hale was struck by a car around 10:30, monday night... at sandy-mount and patapsco roads in finksburg. investigators say several cars slid down a hill and couldn't stop because of icy conditions. that's when hall was hit. (girl driver)"a car just lost control and he was trying to help another accident and was struck"(girl driver)"were just all praying that everything turns out ok" ok"the firefighter was rushed to shock trauma... with serious injuries. so far... no one can explain how 40 animals turned up dead inside a columbia townhome. right now, police are searching for the occupants of the home.megan gilliland is live from the scene where the gruesome find was made. made.good morning patrice, recently neighbors here at the glen shire townhome complex &pnoticed a foul was
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coming from this home... inside police made a horrific d. discovery.they found forty dead animals in this home... including birds, cats, rabbits and a guinea pig.police say 19 of them were packed inside a neighbor says it appeared the animals were the only things living in the home. its been three months since she saw the occupants. (4:15:18) (police) "we understand the heat was turned off. the electricity was turned off and the animals didn't have access to food." (5:01:44) "its worse than hoarders because it seems like they're all dead." dead."police can't explain how the animals died.right now, phey're still trying to find the people who live far, no one has been charged. four animals were pulled out of the home alive.the two cats, a lizard, and a gerbil... we checked in on those animals... and we're
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told they are not in good condition this in columbia, megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. today the governoo will unveil next year's's expecttd to shift the burden of funding teacher's pensions to local governments. governments.the plan calls for a 50-50 split with counties. the state would share half the social security costs in county executive isn't on board. (ulman) "these are tough times not only for the state but for local governments. we all rely on the same taxpayers to fund our services and so it'll be tough and there's already been a lot of cutbacks in highway user aidto local governments and other areas." areas."maryland is one of the few states... that fundd 100 percent of teacher's pensions. six maryland schools have received the blue ribbon honor. among the winners... crofton meadows elementary in anne arundel county school... woodlhome elementary school in baltimore county and ring factory elementary school in harford county.the awards are
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given under a state and national prograa that recognizes schools that exhibit high performance or significant improvement in reading and math as measured by state tests. "these are schools that really stress the importance offcommunity as well and they have partnerships and they really try to help other students in thh community as we" well"maryland bluu ribbon schools go on to compete for national blue ribbon awards, which will be announced in september. 3 3 still looking for a way to get to the ravens playoff game in new england? some travel packages start at 500 dollars.... but there is a much cheaper way to go. all you need is a camera and a keen eye. eye. joel d. smith is live today.... .somewhere in ravens-nation with the cheerleadersto explain.
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good morning joel d. 3
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3 it's time to do some trash talking.our sister station
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w-g-m-e in portland, maine... has the audacity to think the patriots will beat the ravens. po you want to get back at them... here what you do.go to facebook dot com... slash w- g-m-e 13... to let those mainers know... what's coming on sunnay. 3 this boot isn't made for walking... it's made for drivin! driving!l-l bean celebrates a century of business with this áboot-mobile.áthe company unveiled the boot-mobile to workers in maine's a much larger--han-life version of the company's most iconic product... the bean boot.the boot-mobile is now headed out on a cross country tour. coming up on the early edition... a teacher with a crippling disease. disease.(35:50)she's one of the best teachers ive ever had.. had...... how she's fighting to stayyin the classroom. classroom. ((break 1)) ((bump in))
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you know what's exciting, graduation. when i look up into my student's faces, i see pride. you know, i have done something worthwhile. when i earned my doctorate through university of phoenix, that pride, that was on my face.
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3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) fiber map 175 map 29 mapfiber map 175 map 29 map
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each day... we'll draw a name. that person gets a "go vacation" game for the wii.. and will be entered for the grand prize drawing. stay tuned for todaa's code word. cominggup... one woman's fight to make a difference.. job has become difficult in every way you can . imagine......but find out the debilitating disease that's making her beloved job... difficult. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) i thinthk i wanti wantwa b a baby?by e gonngoa seese the nortnohern lrnights htin al. g with tthhe guy gs. yeahye, i sai id it- i- [ wh[ irringri ] ome.e.i stilstl havehan't but it tone onof tho tse fig fhting in okay. ayjust ast few tewhingsng then genet goi in the t complometelyelyour lur, redesignsied cr- call nel w, fr. some days going to work can bee
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trying...but when you're battling a major illness... it can be draining. but for a baltimore woman with a crippling disease work has become her refuge. karen parks shows us how that's happening in our cover story....a teacher's war.... war.... (poly)(49:04)we're gonna go into world war 1 pretty quickly.....its another day of learning here at baltimore &ppolytechnic institute.... (52:55)is war always international......the topic in kate hooks class.......war.....(53:33) sometime it can be international but also other times it can be inside the country......but for kate hooks....(18:50)war on're fighting against something ad.....herr sidd..........(48:23)) have to go and get bloodwork today but i don't have to leave until 4......//standup//kate has multiple sclerosis.......a chronic disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system.......(34:54)my job has
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become difficult in every way you can imagine......the 33 year old history teacher says in the last 2 years.....she's lost a lot of use of her hands and arms....(35:08)typing a lesson plan will now take mee4 times longer than it use to.... (35:18)making copies being able to reach my arms up and use the copiee has been really difficult....(nats of wheel phair at home....)her daa starts at 6 a,m....(nats)with her live in caregiver by her side.....(1:27) she has to both get me sitting up and get me to fold ann in 1997....(5:47)i ran the 4 by 4 4 by 8 and the mile....... she started having trouble with her stride.....(4:43)i started tripping alot and my feet would feel numb..... running was her paasion.... (6:59)i can't remember what it feels llke to walk or even to be able to stand up without someone helping but i can still feel what ii feet like when i was running......(8:49)
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as a mom...this is not what we planned for our children..... kate's mom.....travels from upstate new york onceea month to help her daughter through chemo......(11:45)im hoping for a miracle (22:07)she was very open with what's going on.....(nats)(25:29)whhn we had the meet your homerrom teacher thing i was like oh god she's in a wheelchair ho is this going to work but then everything she was just like a - normal teacher that happened to sit all the time....(nats) (35:50)she's one of the best teachers ive ever had......she teaches several classessa day here at poly.....(40:07) there's a strength in her i've never seen in one person...... but as each day passes...... (nats)its a strength that's starting to weakenn.....(37:05) hire somebody to help me get in aad out of the bathroom my car and makeemy copies for me.....(38:35)the onlyyway to keep doing what i love is to pay people and really i can't afford it......and its the lack of resources that's force her and her students to prepare for the inevitable..... (30:49)she just wants to teach she just wants to help people and yet here she is she can't really take care of herself because her body is just going against her..... (nats)its a war.......she
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truly wants to win.....(44:54) i feel like im good at this and obviously my self esteem has been completely annialated py this disease in a million wasy but when im in the classroom i don't feel like that i feel like kate my normal self and i fell like my personality come out and the kids respect t and the kids understand my vunerabilities and still respect it and i love them..karen parks fox 45 news at ten.... information about kate and how - you can help her.... per....just o to fox newslinks. coming up ... ...torrey smith caps off his rookie year with a trip to the a-f-c championship game... hear from him... next in sports.
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3 coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... its a "teenage dream". singer katy perry is coming to "the sims" game.find out
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